Legalizing Marijuana Makes Me Mad.

What are they thinking?  Those voters who think legalizing marijuana will solve problems?  I guess they are the lucky ones who don’t have a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Not everyone who uses marijuana will get addicted–but some will.  Not everyone who tries it will move onto other drugs–but some will.  Not everyone who uses marijuana uses and then drives–but some will.  Not every one who uses will die directly, or indirectly, from it’s use–but SOME WILL…and they put their kids, and possibly yours, at risk.

Marijuana causes parents to make poor choices:

Some will mix alcohol and marijuana and get physically sick or freak out.

Be under the influence when driving their kids and your kids, if they are friends or in the same carpool, to school, sports, or to and from a party or if they are driving on the same road.

Tell their teens, “It’s no big deal,” and not add that one-time can be addictive if laced with other drugs.  17% of those who start in their teens will become addicted.

Leave it out where toddlers can reach it and ingest it.

Forget to pick up their child at school and leave them setting on the steps.

 Think I’m over-reacting?  Ask the parent of a drug addict, or an alcoholic because often drug users turn to alcohol trying to cut back, how they voted.  Ask them how many victims there are when someone you love becomes an addict, and I bet you’ll hear “parents, siblings, and kids of addicts–as well as the user them self,” and that doesn’t begin to include crime victims of addicts, taxpayers, and friends.

Adult children of addicts have told me that they have trouble with relationships because their ability to trust is gone.  Others simply figured out their parent and knew they couldn’t trust them to take care of them, or their self.  Most have stories about how the marijuana led to other drugs, or other addictions, and that raising a family was never number one on their priority list.  Saddest of all, they seem to split into two camps, “I want a family–I need someone to love” to “I never want a family–I won’t repeat my mom (or dad’s) mistakes and I don’t trust myself not to.”

Making marijuana legal may keep a few people out of jail, it may raise a bit of tax revenue…but at what cost?  The victims of marijuana aren’t those who inhale–but those still holding their breath, waiting for the next mood change, the next disaster, or the stability of a safe home that they simply never had growing up.