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Joan, Chad’s maternal grandmother and adoptive mom, knows what it’s like to love your child and need to protect your grandchild.

Easy to read. Easy to implement. This book walks you through many of the emotions and practical steps necessary to help you and your grandkids survive and thrive including dealing with agencies, counselors, the courts, schools and the birth parent(s).

Insights from Chad help you understand what your grandkids may be feeling, and needing from you, to help them succeed.

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Reader Comments:  

“Wow! Your book is VERY helpful…I have been rereading and marking portions for two days now.”  Tennessee grandmother.

“Empowering. We could have been raising the same daughter.”  Oregon grandmother.

“I’ve read it three times since I got it.”  Kentucky grandmother.

Shari Biggs, counselor, says, “Wonderful to see something so good and powerful…”

“An insightful and informative resource that we will share with others in our Department”.  Mary Carole Blackburn, Executive Assistant, Department of Human Services, Salt Lake City, Utah.

“One line jumped out at me, “Trying to avoid hurting the addict only enables them, and risks destroying the rest of your family.”  This fits my brothers’ family perfectly.  One niece is currently in therapy because she feels she doesn’t have a mother.  Her mom rescued her son (the alcoholic) so many times she says she has nothing left to give.”  Washington Auntie.

“Loved your book…drugs can destroy a family and wipe out their funds.  Parenting is hard work but it’s fun.”  84-year-old Oregon great grandma.

“Incredible insight through eyes of a grandmother raising her grandson…and (the) powerful and important perspective, (of) the voice of a child who grew up feeling and learning to cope with the hurt caused by addicted parents.”  Nicole Dobbins, Past Executive Director of Voice for Adoption

“…you’ll be motivated to set boundaries around yourself and the victims of addicts who mistreat others, especially their children.”      Dale Ebel, CEO Dale Ebel Ministries

Also by Joan Callander (Dingle):

First Book coverSecond Time Around: Help for Grandparents Who Raise Their Children’s Kids  

“She talks honestly about her struggles, offers practical advice on everything from parenting tips to accommodating feelings–grandchild’s and your own.”  AARP Parenting Grandchildren Newsletter

Note:  This book is now out-of-print as the content of this book has been greatly expanded and updated in:  Raising Children of Alcoholics & Drug Users.